Gal Steiner (Israel)

09.-11. Februar 2018


Atem, Stimme und tiefe Vergebung

Enter into the depths of the relationships in our lives and receive practical tools to heal them. We will do this with three Workshops:


Rebirthing - healing by circular breathing

Over the years, our body has accumulated pressures, tensions and fears that manifest itself physically, emotionally and mentally. We learned from an early age to suppress "negative" feelings by holding our breath. Our bodies did not forget these feelings, the difficulties and the pressures, and they became a burden to him. With conected breathing, we can raise from the depths to the surface what the body is capable of coping with right now and is ready to release.


Grandmother's song - a radical vocal expression

The voices we do not express, the body keeps inside. These voices are an essential part of our development, and the body's way of helping us to manifest ourselves and release ourselves from fear and pain. We will allow every voice and sound that comes from our body to be expressed. Thus we can release tensions and feelings stuck from the past and continue moving forward, to the presence at this moment.


Hoopnopono - Hawaiian healing through forgivness

Accepting full responsibility for the reality in which we live, recognizing the other as a reflection of our inner consciousness through a deep process of forgiveness:





Together as a circle we will sing songs of unity and brotherhood and create a new harmony that will emerge from us at this moment. Meditation Listening to the body - we will practice connecting, listening and communicating with our body - our deepest and intimate relationship.

Wann: Freitag 09.02.2018 / 19 - 21.30 Uhr

            Samstag 10.02.2018 / 10 - 17 Uhr

            Sonntag 11.02.2018 / 10 - 16Uhr

Wo: TKW Vidmarhallen, 1. Stock, Raum 119, Könizstrasse 161

Kosten: Fr. 260.- (*Frühbucherrabatt von Fr. 225.- bis 20.Januar 2018)​​​

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