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Bringing Spirit into Form  

Breath & Sound as Portals into Nature

mit Jamie McHugh (Kalifornien)

24.-26.05 in Bern

Offener Abend: Freitag, 19:45 - 21:45Uhr
Workshop: Samstag, 13-20Uhr (Studio) & Sonntag, 10-17Uhr (Natur)

Wo: Maru Dojo, Uferweg 42, 3013 Bern

Kosten: Fr. 260,-

BREATH is the primary mover of the body; VOCALIZATION is breath vibrated and expressed; and MOVEMENT is breath made visible. These three elements create permeability in our structure and in our state of mind so we can enter a more fluid relationship with life within and without.

IN THE WORKSHOP, we will explore a progressive series of breath and vocalization resources (sourced from Continuum, Taoist medicine, and other traditions) to awaken our senses, soften our minds and fortify our hearts. Alternating movement and stillness, sound and silence, expression and impression, we journey inside the studio and out in nature to open up new ways of sensing and perceiving, and to deepen our relationship with the inner and outer landscapes.

“BRINGING SPIRIT INTO FORM” has been shared with groups around the world for the past 15 years, and has been of particular interest to yoga, dance, and movement teachers as well as artists and people on the path of creative embodiment.

Jamie McHugh

Jamie is an interdisciplinary artist, somatic researcher, and movement educator committed to re-wilding the body, decolonizing the mind and restoring spirit to its rightful place in our lives. He is the creator of Somatic Expression® - Body Wisdom for Modern Times, an accessible and inclusive approach to somatic-expressive practices for daily life. Jamie is celebrating 40 years of teaching movement arts this year, and continues to study and research the mystery of the body and its expression. He is passionate about the power of Body, Nature and Art to transform society – one being at a time.

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